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Violence and Activism in Amazonas

Violence and Activism in Amazonas

The rainforest itself is not the only part of the Amazon facing the forces that drive deforestation. Many indigenous people living in secluded areas of the Amazon, who campaign for environmental protection and land rights, are often attacked and sometimes killed by...

Wanna Change the Music?

This video from Arbio, the Association for the Forest Resilience to the Inter-Oceanic Highway in Peru, uses the sounds of deforestation to drive home an important message of the need to keep forests standing. The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical forest and...

Cutting down on cutting down

This article from The Economist discusses what changes have taken place in Brazil since the 1990s to turn the country from a leader in deforestation to a model of preserving rainforest. With rampant deforestation still in effect in the  tropical forests of Africa and...
Brazil plans to stop the killing of pink dolphins

Brazil plans to stop the killing of pink dolphins

SAO PAULO — Brazil will temporarily ban the catch of a type of catfish in an effort to halt the killing of the Amazon pink dolphin, whose flesh is used as bait, the Fishing and Aquaculture Ministry said Tuesday. Ministry spokesman Ultimo Valadares said the government...