Amazon Aid creates awareness campaigns that communicate the importance and beauty of the Amazon Rainforest, and what we risk locally and globally if it is destroyed. Specifically, we seek to educate the public about the impacts of gold mining on biodiversity, human health and climate. We reach people in a variety of ways with the goal of changing hearts and minds to inspire climate action.

Media Projects

Amazon Aid produces short and long form content for global audiences. Among our many projects are:

River of Gold

River of Gold

An award-winning documentary on the devastating environmental and humanitarian consequences of illegal gold mining in the Amazon. Available for purchase on streaming platforms, and for private screenings. Amazon Aid also produced accompanying middle and high school curriculum available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Gold, The Amazon, and The Climate Crisis

In this podcast, we hear from some of the world’s leading experts about the latest research into ASGM’s environmental impacts on the Amazon Rainforest – including the catastrophic toll on human health in the Amazon region and beyond.

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Anthem for the Amazon

Anthem for The Amazon

500 children from 50 countries around the world came together to sing a global anthem to stand up for the rainforest. Lyric sheet and music available for classroom and other youth group use.

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Mercury Rising

Mercury Uprising

This short film examines the wonder and beauty of the Amazon and what we risk losing if we don’t address the critical issues surrounding gold mining.

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Independent Journalism + Research

Amazon Aid directs the world’s attention to issues related to gold mining through a journalism initiative published by leading nonprofit environmental science and conservation news platform Mongabay. We also support white papers and other research focused on gold mining’s impact on human health and biodiversity, gold’s supply chain, and more.

Tracking Amazon Gold

Tracking Amazon Gold

This in-depth report provides a vital overview of the impacts of gold mining in each of the eight Amazonian countries, including the well-documented impacts of mercury contamination and human rights violations. It also reveals major on-the-ground solutions underway to reduce the impacts of destructive gold mining.

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Independent Journalism Initiative

In partnership with conservation news platform Mongabay, Amazon Aid’s Journalism Initiative supports independent coverage on issues that address the politics of gold mining in Amazon countries; gold mining’s impact on indigenous peoples; supply chains and corporate accountability, among other topics.

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Our Artist Program includes: Artist Residencies, exhibitions, and art-based campaigns.

Artists for the Amazon

Artists for the Amazon

We believe that artists are pivotal in creating awareness about the Amazon’s sheer beauty and biodiversity, as well as the horrors of its destruction. Additionally, artists inspire actions to encourage protection and preservation through their art – be it visual mediums, written word, film or music.

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