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At the usual rate of destruction, it is projected that the Amazon could be gone in 40 years. Current fires in the Amazon have reached catastrophic levels and are accelerating that rate every day. With your support, we hope to protect the lungs of the Earth for the health of the planet and for future generations to enjoy. THANK YOU FOR BEING A VOICE FOR THE AMAZON!


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Sarah duPont Amazon Aid Founder & President

Dear Amazon Aid Ambassador,

Thank you for donating or for considering a donation to Amazon Aid.

Amazon Aid’s mission is to inspire change to protect the Amazon. We work with some of the world’s best tropical scientists to create scientifically impeccable multi-media to educate global audiences about the importance of the Amazon, the implications of its destruction, and to promote solutions for protecting it.

Our award-winning projects have been seen on 5 continents and have been an inspiration for global policy change, including being an impetus for the creation of CINCIA a scientific and educational research center in the Peruvian Amazon, as one of three major projects picked by the US Government to be showcased at COP 20, and through the world premiere of Amazon Aid’s Anthem for the Amazon in Spanish at COP 21 in Paris.

As the Amazon becomes more compromised, Amazon Aid is even more dedicated to our mission of educating global audiences about the destruction of this critical ecosystem. The root cause of today’s Amazon fires is the rapid deforestation for mining, ranching, and farming. Amazon Aid is at the forefront of combatting one of the worst types of deforestation in the world-illicit and unregulated artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM). 

Our award-winning film “River of Gold” documents the apocalyptic destruction of the Amazon through ASGM, which not only destroys and burns the forests, but uses mercury in the process. ASGM is responsible for being the number one source of mercury pollution in the world. Mercury is a neurotoxin that causes a lower IQ, organ damage and in some cases a shortened lifespan. In the Amazon it is estimated that 100 tons of mercury is released into the atmosphere yearly, poisoning the environment, the peoples, and the plant and animal species.

While artisanal and small-scale mining can be an important economic opportunity for peoples in poverty, it also attracts illicit activities and organized crime, including child slavery and human trafficking, money laundering, narcotic trafficking, and the funding of terrorist activities. Recently, indigenous peoples of Brazil were murdered when trying to protect their lands from the gold miners. This type of gold mining is happening in every country in the Amazon, and in approximately 80 countries worldwide.

One of Amazon Aid’s strengths is in building coalitions and partnerships with other organizations working to protect the Amazon and mitigate the effects of unregulated and illicit and unregulated gold mining. We are big believers that we are better together. We are currently working at high levels of the jewelry industry, UNEP, GEF Gold, Human Rights Watch, Survival International, Universities globally and with experts in the field to promote better working conditions, mercury free mining technologies, and to promote a clean supply chain for gold. The good news is that there are many dedicated influencers and organizations working to tackle this difficult issue.

Most people have no idea of where their gold comes from, or that illicit and unregulated gold mining even exists. On average, it takes 250 tons of earth in the Amazon to produce one gold wedding band. Imagine how many trees have to be cut down for one gold wedding band, not to mention the human cost in making that band.

Amazon Aid’s River of Gold Project takes a holistic approach to a complicated issue. Our educational platforms include a comprehensive Resource Guide that educates and promotes solutions from the ground to the consumer, a social impact campaign, free middle and high school curriculum, a suite of educational initiatives, and our award-winning documentary “River of Gold”.

Below are links to some of Amazon Aid’s initiatives:

“River of Gold” Social Impact Campaign

“River of Gold” Resource Guide Deck

AAF Education Initiatives

“River of Gold” Film Website

Consumer Guide – how to walk the talk

A List of Companies to boycott that are engaged with destruction of the Amazon

Warrior Guide for engaging the world’s youth

Artists for the Amazon Platform to raise awareness through the arts

The Amazon is destroyed and burned for the gold in the ground.

Do you know where your gold comes from?

There is a window now for saving the Amazon. Join Amazon Aid in being part of the growing voice to protect the Amazon and help save our planet.

We are stronger TOGETHER.


With gratitude,

Sarah duPont

Amazon Aid Founder & President


P.O. Box 5649 | Charlottesville, VA 22905


Amazon Aid is a 501c3 non-profit organization