Amazon Aid Foundation works to educate and empower people to protect the Amazon through art, science, and multimedia. Our goal is to preserve the rainforest for the health of the planet and for future generations to enjoy.

How do we do it?


AAF develops scientific multimedia platforms to engage students in understanding the significance of the Amazon. Our documentary, River of Gold, and accompanying curriculum illustrates the direct effect of climate change due to deforestation and unregulated gold mining.


AAF brings together scientists, artists, NGO’s, global citizens and governments as a unified alliance to raise awareness for the protection of the rainforest. AAF mobilizes individuals and organizations to keep forests standing, reforest and demand responsibly sourced products.


AAF connects a network of stakeholders in the Amazon to develop legislation that protects and revitalizes the Rainforest, including advocacy efforts for clean water and human rights as well as regulating illegal gold mining and mercury usage.