Amazon Aid helps teachers bring environmental lesson plans and activities to the classroom. We worked with Journeys In Film to create Common Core-standard curriculum to engage students through art, biology, geography, social studies and more. The curriculum can be used with Amazon Aid’s media assets and the documentary River of Gold.

We also offer additional activities and ways kids can engage and activate to build a better future, including Anthem for the Amazon.

The curriculum includes 11 lessons.

Lesson 1: The Hydrological Cycle (Geography, Environmental Science, Biology)

Lesson 2: Introduction to the Amazon Region (Geography, Environmental Science)

Lesson 3: Rainforest Ecology (Biology, Environmental Science)

Lesson 4: The Biodiversity of the Amazon Region (Biology, Environmental Science, Geography)

Lesson 5: Indigenous Amazonia (Geography, Anthropology, World History)

Lesson 6: Satellite Technology and the Rainforest (Biology, Environmental Science, Computer Science)

Lesson 7: Extractive Industries and Environmental Costs (Environmental Science, Economics, English Language Arts)

Lesson 8: Faces of Activism (Environmental Science, Social Studies)

Lesson 9: Smartphone Photojournalism (Photography, Social Studies)

Lesson 10: The Market for Gold (Economics, Social Studies)

Lesson 11: Next Steps: What Can We Do? (Economics, Social Studies, Community Service Learning)

If you have any questions, or if you are interested in a Spanish or Portuguese version of the curriculum (coming soon), please email info@amazonaid.org.

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