Imazon, a non-profit research institution, is working on a new way to stop deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. Working closely with the government of the Brazilian state of Pará, Imazon is using satellite imagery and advanced mapping techniques to monitor deforestation, unofficial roads, and other forms of negative human impact on the Amazon region. The information gained from this imagery has been used to both foster public discourse on the deforestation problem, as well as identify and stop illicit operations with the help of local government.

In addition to their monitoring work, Imazon also deals with the politic side of the Amazon Rainforest, with different programs that evaluate and inform public forest policies based on “an analysis of the evolution, dynamics, and socioeconomic trends” in the Amazon rainforest. A majority Imazon’s political involvement is aimed at the local level. These efforts include documenting and analyzing community and small-scale forest management initiatives in addition to training farmers in improved techniques in order to make a higher income.

The impact of deforestation on climate change is a primary focus of Imazon. To this end, carbon emission monitoring, forest restoration, and public policy advocacy are all used to better understand and mitigate the consequences of climate change from Amazon deforestation.

Imazon hopes to eventually expand their work beyond Brazil and use the same technology to help people all around the world. But for now, it is making a tangible benefit in the fight against Amazon deforestation.

To learn more about Imazon please visit www.imazon.org