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We’re proud to announce our next creative campaign to help protect the Amazon rainforest, a music video project called Anthem for the Amazon. The goal of Anthem for the Amazon is to educate a global audience about the importance of the Amazon rainforest and inspire action through music. Students, artists and scientists from over 50 countries will unite to create a compelling call to action to save the world’s greatest forest.

The Amazon is one of the most important ecosystem for mitigating climate change. It moderates weather patterns locally and globally, carries 20% of the planet’s fresh water to the ocean, holds more that 30% of all species in the world, and is the home to thousands of indigenous tribes. Experts say that at the current rate of destruction the Amazon will be gone in 40 years.
Our window of opportunity to preserve the lungs of the planet is closing with each passing day and the Anthem for the Amazon is a global voice to ask, if you could save the world’s greatest forest, would you
We’ll be collaborating with Rhythm of the Universe, a talented group of extraordinary artists who believe in changing the world through music based in Boston. Together, we hope to inspire the world to love the Amazon as much as we do. But we can’t do it alone! How can you help support Anthem for the Amazon?