We at the Amazon Aid Foundation believe that by protecting the Amazon rainforest, we are protecting our future.  Our partners at the Amazon Conservation Association have created a fact sheet outlining the environmental situation in the Madre de Dios region of Peru, and the impact illicit and unregulated gold mining has on the rainforest and local populations.


“The uncontrolled spread of illicit and unregulated gold mining has rapidly deforested wide swaths of lowland Amazonian rainforest in the department of Madre de Dios in southeastern Peru.  The worldwide surge in gold prices – a 360% price increase in the last decade-following the financial crisis, draws new miners daily.  Recent completion of the Interoceanic Highway has increased access to the area and today more than 30,000 miners are estimated to be operating without legal permits.”

To continue reading the “Fact Sheet: Illicit and Unregulated Gold Mining in Madre de Dios, Peru” visit: http://www.amazonconservation.org/pdf/gold_mining_fact_sheet.pdf

To learn more about the Amazon Conservation Association visit: http://www.amazonconservation.org/index.html