Check out the front page of today’s Huffington Post Canada for an article about the effects of gold mining in the Amazon rainforest, featuring an interview with our very own Sarah duPont!

“Illicit mining in Madre de Dios has exploded in the past decade due to rising gold prices and increased access,” says Sarah duPont, executive director of the Amazon Aid Foundation, “And is causing mass devastation in what was once one of the most pristine and biodiverse areas in the world.”

Working in the Amazon for the last 15 years, duPont can attest to the horrors of the gold rush — particularly its ravages of the rain forest.

She produced an hour-long documentary last year, called Amazon Gold, attesting to the devastation.

“Because the mining takes place in remote, mostly unregulated areas,” she explains, “It’s hard to know how extensive the problem is, which is why documenting it with video is so important.”

Full article at http://huff.to/1bZyLxu.