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Anthem for the Amazon

Anthem For The Amazon

Watch Amazon Aid Foundation’s music videos for “Anthem For The Amazon” and find out how you can perform the song.

River Of Gold + Activities

Ask your school or community to screen River of Gold and teach Amazon Aid’s free middle and high school curriculum to make a difference.

Join Youth Artists For The Amazon

Do you love to create art? Amazon Aid Foundation’s Artists For The Amazon program is for you! Join other artists in showcasing the wonder and importance of the Amazon.
About the Amazon

Learn About The Amazon

What is a tropical rainforest, What is biodiversity? Discover why the Amazon is amazing, incredible and vital for all people.
Threats to the Amazon

Learn About The Threats

Find out about how climate change, gold mining, deforestation and more impacts the Amazon and how this affects you.

Be a Better Consumer

What we do at home can have a big impact on the Amazon and our environment. Learn more about how what we eat, buy, and use (and reuse) every day can make a difference.

Amazon Aid Media

See it to believe it! The Amazon is one of the most important land ecosystems for the health of our planet. Immerse yourself in Amazon Aid’s multimedia library.
Active Empathy

Adopt Active Empathy for Life

The unofficial Sustainable Development Goal 18 promoted by Civil Society

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