“The greatest scientists are always artists as well,” said Albert Einstein, a man whose passion for physics was matched only by his intense love of music.  He emphasized throughout his life that scientific discovery was not a result of technical skill, but a product of creativity, imagination, and instinct.  Engagement between the arts and sciences facilitates the communication of ideas and strengthens communities, and it is for this reason that we at the Amazon Aid Foundation emphasize the importance of an arts education.

Through music we learn to listen, through visual arts we learn to see, and through an arts education we learn the importance of collaboration.  At the Amazon Aid Foundation, our Artists for the Amazon use the arts to communicate to the world the importance of the Amazon rainforest and the need to work together in order to protect it.  We recognize the significance of a strong community, a growing social network of informed citizens from around the globe who are connected to each other through their love of the arts.

An arts education develops skills such as pattern recognition, problem solving, and visual thinking that are as important for physicists and engineers as they are for composers and poets.  In addition, an increasing number of studies have presented data supporting the link between arts education and academic achievement, and it is possible that studying the arts may be the key to success.  The arts may also prove to be the key to protecting the Amazon rainforest from rapid destruction, opening the eyes of individuals to the problems the world faces, and building a community of creative and courageous world citizens who recognize the beauty of the Earth and the need to protect it.

In order to save the Amazon, one of the most biodiverse and beautiful places on Earth, it is necessary to build a network of resourceful individuals willing to share ideas and problem solve.  We at the Amazon Aid Foundation believe that it is through the arts that strong communities are built, and it is within these communities that the arts can be used as a call to action.  It is our hope that through science, art, multimedia, and education, people will come together and raise their voices in support of the Amazon rainforest.