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Amazon Aid Youth Warriors are dedicated to defending and protecting the Amazon Rainforest. Through education, awareness and advocacy, young people can use the downloadable curriculum and tools available on the Amazon Aid and Journeys in Film website to learn how to take different actions that will support the efforts of organizations and individuals working to stop the destruction of the Amazon – its waterways, land, biodiversity, indigenous peoples – from illicit and unregulated gold mining, deforestation (logging), labor and human rights violations. Combining website advocacy tools with creative ideas nurtured in the classroom, students can become the environmental crusaders learning how to effect change and help save a part of the world that is crucial to life on this planet. They are the Amazon Warriors!

What Can You Do?

Action items-what you can do-each action item will be a correlating visual image that when clicked will take you to the corresponding AAF webpage.


1. Learn why you should care.

Today the Amazon is being deforested and threatened. It is now at the tipping point and the important natural things that the Amazon gives the world could one day be gone.

2. Be part of the voice.

Voices for the Amazon is a platform developed by the Amazon Aid Foundation where you can join the conversation by sharing why the Amazon Rainforest is important to you.

3. Plant a Tree.

Consider supporting one of the many organizations working on the ground to reforest the Amazon.

4. Sign the petition.

Illicit gold mining in the Amazon is destroying and poisoning the forests with mercury. Join youth from around the world to tell leaders of the gold industry that we want cleanly sourced gold. No more dirty gold! 

5. Be a Better Consumer.

Do you know where your gold comes from? Unsustainable gold mining practices are a significant threat to the Amazon Rainforest.

7. Follow Amazon Aid online.

Like or follow Amazon Aid on your social media of choice.

8. Share a video.

Watch the videos below and share one to your social media to help raise awareness.

River of Gold Trailer


Anthem for the Amazon


Anthem for the Amazon Lyric Video


9. Stay in touch.

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Amazon Aid Media

See it to believe it!

Why should you care about the Amazon?

The amazon is home to the highest numbers of biodiversity and indigenous peoples, is critical for keeping our planet cool and releases approximately 20 billion tons of moisture into the atmosphere daily seeding the world’s clouds with rains.

Learn more!

River of Gold trailer
Take a glimpse into Amazon Aid’s feature film River of Gold, documenting the destructive practice of illicit and unregulated gold mining in the Amazon. Edited by Jon Fine.

60 Seconds
What can you lose in 60 seconds? Too much! Video by Elizabeth Webb.

Mercury upRising
A ‎12 minute look into why the Amazon is important, the things that are destroying it and the hope for protecting it. Video by Amazon Aid and ROTU studios.

Anthem for the Amazon
A stunning call to action by 500 children from around the world singing to protect the Amazon. Footage includes indigenous children from Peru. Video by Amazon Aid and Rotu studios.

Amazon Aid Overview
Why the Amazon, why Amazon Aid? Video by Johnny St Ours.

What does the Amazon look like?

Take a journey in the Amazon through Amazon Aid’s vast array of videos and see for yourself.

If you could save the greatest forests in the world, would you?
30 seconds to ask yourself why. Video by Rotu studios.

Take a journey through the lens of Amazon Aid artist Torben Nissen. See rare footage of the Amazon’s flora and fauna including a 3 toed Sloth and it’s baby.

Anthem for the Amazon lyric video
Experience the Amazon through stunning video and the voices of 500 children as they sing about the importance of the Amazon.

Amazonia time lapses
From the cloud forests to the lowlands of the jungle, beautiful time lapse footage from Amazon Aid’s Artist Dano Grayson.

Amazonia slide show
Stunning sounds and images of the Peruvian Amazon through the lens of photojournalist and Amazon Aid Artist Jon Golden.

Animals of the rainforest
14 species of the Amazon including footage of the unique glass frog. Video by Amazon Aid Artist Dano Grayson.

Quick take Amazon-Breath, watch and be inspired.
Video by Amazon Aid and Rotu studios.

Tsunami of Clouds
Mesmerizing clouds float across the slopes of the Peruvian Andes. ‎Video by Edward Hurme.

Peoples of the Amazon
Local peoples of the Amazon love their home. Video by Amazon Aid Artist Dano Grayson.

Reptiles and Amphibians
Rare footage of reptiles and Amphibians from the Peruvian Amazon. Video by Amazon Aid Artist for the Amazon Dano Grayson.

Birds of the Amazon
Rare footage includes video of nesting birds. Video by Amazon Aid Artist Dano Grayson.

Plants of the Amazon
The Amazon is dense with plants. Video by Amazon Aid Artist Dano Grayson.

Insects of the Amazon
Insects are everywhere. Video by Amazon Aid Artist Dano Grayson.

Mammals of the Amazon
Mammals from the Amazon can be shy and hard to see. Video by Amazon Aid Artist Dano Grayson.

Just Howler Monkeys
Video by Dano Grayson.

Just Squirrel Monkeys
Video by Asa mader and Corrine Weber.

Animated Kaypok Tree
Shimmy up the Brazil nut tree and see the surprising animals that live there – artwork by Bryan el Castillo.

Just One Tree
Video by Amazon Aid Artist Dano Grayson.

What do the artists say?

Beauty and Destruction
Split screen video artistically combines footage of the destruction and the beauty with music by jazz legendary great Wayne Shorter. Video by Julia Sharpe.

Amazonia Sound Painting
Stunning visuals take you on a relaxing journey through the Amazon with original music by Bob Beldon.

What can you do?

Become an Amazon warrior today!
Be part of the Amazon Aid Voice to protect the Amazon.