The Gold Campaign for Industry

Taking Steps to Solve the Problem

Illicit and unregulated gold mining is one for the most destructive man-made causes of deforestation in the Amazon. Awareness and collaboration will be key for developing solutions.

Make Cleaner Gold the true Gold Standard.
Our future depends on it.

Cleaner Gold means safe mercury free practices that protect both people and the environment from harm. Cleaner Gold is legally and responsibly sourced. Cleaner gold supports local populations without exploitation and without intrusion upon protected and indigenous territories.

For the first time, Amazon Aid’s The Gold Campaign for Industry will bring together scientists, educators, NGOs and companies from the gold sector to take clear steps to protect the Amazon and improve the gold supply chain globally.

The campaign is designed to engage and problem solve to address the significant issues we face today to ensure that the gold we use does not irreparably harm the environment and the people who work in it.

The Gold Campaign is open to upstanders of various disciplines and backgrounds to stand in solidarity and engage in a solutions-driven hub that connects multi-stakeholders to take action. Amazon Aid understands the complexities we face in producing cleanly sourced gold, but for those who want to be better, we know that together we can overcome obstacles to move the needle-even if it seems small at first.

The Gold Campaign stands in solidarity with movements in the US, the Amazon region, and around the world to counter racism and exploitation in all forms.


The Cleaner Gold Campaign for industry is comprised of two interconnected initiatives:

Clean Gold Network

1.The Cleaner Gold Network

Join Civil Society in Solidarity to Promote a Cleaner Supply  Chain for Gold

Clean Gold Commitment

2. The Cleaner Gold Commitment

Industry Takes Action