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Engage in Industry’s Transformation to Create a Cleaner Supply Chain for Gold.

Take the Pledge and Sign Up to Be Part of the Cleaner Gold Network.

Commit to:

  1. Committing to engage with the Cleaner Gold Network and be part of the solutions driven hub to create positive change in the gold industry
  2. Committing to Cleanly sourced gold by 2030
  3. Publicly disclose first tier suppliers

THE pledge

I/We pledge to 1-engage with the Cleaner Gold Network, a solutions-driven hub that champions members work to break through silos to promote connected conversations and initiatives, 2-make the commitment to working towards responsibly sourcing gold by 2030, and 3-be transparent about my first-tier gold suppliers by disclosing these suppliers publicly.

I/We publicly pledge to stand in solidarity to protect the Amazon and its peoples, help reveal the complexities surrounding gold, promote a collaborative approach to increase awareness, transparency, accountability and action, to reform and produce regulated sustainable systems for mercury free Cleaner Gold and demand the removal of all miners who are illegally invading indigenous territories and protected areas.

I/We recognize that until there are equitable and sustainable economic opportunities available across the Amazon and beyond, ASGM is an important economic solution for impoverished peoples. Formalization and regulation of ASGM and the supply chain will be key for creating less damage to the environment, support land recovery efforts and provide technology designed to keep the miners safe. I/We stand in unification with movements in the US, the Amazon region, and around the world to counter racism and exploitation in all forms.

Industry Members who pledge will engage with the Cleaner Gold Network, participation can include:

  • Attending and Participating in Quarterly Meetings
  • Receiving newsletter updates about related news, actions, and initiatives.
  • Engage in “Pre-competitive” conversations around issues / solutions related to Cleaner Gold
  • Identify “Blind Spots” based on experience/areas of specialization.
  • Contribute to global awareness about issues related to illicit and unregulated gold mining and working systemic solutions to regulate the sector.
  • Support the removal of illegal miners on all indigenous territories and protected areas.
  • Help create a transparent and cleaner supply chain from the ground to the consumer.