Scientific Name
Ochroma pyramidale

Common Name
Balsa (U.S.), Topa (Peru); Balso, Lano (Panama, Central America); Algodón (El Salvador); Gatillo (Nicaragua); Lanero (Cuba); Corcho (Mexico); Túcumo (Colombia); Tami (Bolivia); Pau de balsa (Brazil)

Bombacaceae, although recent molecular studies consider this species to be within the family Malvaceae.

10-30 meters tall, grows at low and middle elevations in dry, humid, or very humid forests. Commonly found on the sides of paths, roads, and river banks growing on land with a high content of organic material and sand.

South of Mexico to Bolivia and Brazil

Wood for thermal, sound, and vibratory insulation; construction of rafts and buoys; packaging; miniature models; mattresses (cotton fiber from the fruit); decoration

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