Reforest Amazonia

One Tree at a Time

For $40, you can symbolically plant a tree in a reforestation concession near the Manuani river in Madre de Dios to help reforest an abandoned gold mine.

100% of your donation goes directly to our partners on the ground: a trained crew of local people, doctorate students, and scientists from the Center for Amazonian Scientific Innovation in Peru, forming a coalition to regenerate forest in one of the most beautiful and threatened forests on Earth.

The Trees

Monkey Comb

Monkey Comb

Apeiba membranacea



Ceiba pentandra



Erythrina ulei



Ochroma pyramidale

The Reforestation Process


The reforestation process begins with nurturing the seedlings of fast-growing native tree species in a greenhouse. Caring for the seedlings in a controlled greenhouse setting allows for a stable environment that will ensure optimum plant growth. The ability for tree seedlings to thrive in areas recovering from gold mining is limited by poor soil conditions and ground contamination with heavy metals. One of the challenges of the reforestation process is finding species that tolerate these harsh conditions and begin the process of regeneration.


The plants are taken to the planting location by motorcycle. Many areas recovering from gold mining are only accessible by narrow winding dirt roads that were created by miners moving deeper into the forests.


Before the seedlings can be transplanted, the planting location needs to be prepared. Organic matter from nearby healthy forest is added to the earth recovering from gold mining and the exact spots where the trees will be planted are marked. The holes where the trees are planted are twice as wide and twice as deep as the container where the seedling germinated.


The survival and growth of the planted trees in the field are monitored by a trained crew composed of local people, a technician from the Mining Program of the Madre de Dios Consortium (CMDD), students from the Universidad Nacional Amazónica de Madre de Dios (UNAMAD), and scientists from the University of Florida.


We need to raise awareness in the general public about the possibilities of reforesting and regenerating areas affected by gold mining and deforestation. By socializing the reforestation process with other government and non-government organizations, including associations of miners, people can understand the effects of human activity to our planet and our health and become part of the solution. Together we can strengthen the ability for the Amazon to recover from deforestation.

Organize a Campaign

A group of 1st grade students recently organized their own campaign to protect acres of the Amazon Rainforest. How inspiring!

If these kids can do it, so can you!

Take action today. Use an online fundraising platform like GoFundMe to organize a campaign to help save the Amazon.

Amazon Aid Foundation is a GoFundMe Certified Charity. Simply select Amazon Aid Foundation as the beneficiary of your campaign, and you’re good to go.