The Amazon Aid Collection is a new collection of beautiful, sustainable water bottles designed and manufactured by Liberty, makers of high-quality bottles that go everywhere and do more. Part of an ongoing collaboration, 10 percent of each purchase from the Liberty Amazon Aid Collection supports the Amazon Aid Foundation, which provides expertise on gold mining’s impact in the Amazon basin and gives voice to artists and educators in the region and around the world committed to making change.


Already on the edge of the tipping point, the global COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 fire season have only added pressure to the critical ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest. To help, Liberty has doubled its commitment and will donate an additional 10 percent of all proceeds to the Amazon Emergency Fund for the next two weeks. The Amazon Emergency Fund was launched by a multitude of non-profit organizations including Amazon Aid Foundation, to help protect the protectors — the indigenous peoples of the Amazon who are stewards of one of the world’s largest ecosystems, which has a vital impact on the entire planet.

“After last year’s fires in the Amazon, we took a deeper look at how Liberty could help make a difference,” explains Mike Darrow, General Manager of Liberty Works. “With the shared belief that art can inspire change, Amazon Aid Foundation immediately became the perfect partner for Liberty. They quickly educated our team about how critical it is to protect and preserve the Amazon immediately — because what happens there impacts everyone, including right here at home.”

“When Liberty approached us with the idea for the Amazon Aid Collection, it was clear that they cared deeply about creating a long-term relationship that was based on more than a product line,” notes Amazon Aid Foundation Founder Sarah DuPont. “They’ve invested time to understand some of the critical issues in the region and are committed to helping amplify our call to educate, activate and protect”

“We believe if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right,” agrees Darrow. “It’s with that philosophy that we encourage those who want to give without a purchase to do so directly.”