Friends of the Amazon,

Are you currently looking for ways to give back and save the Amazon this Holiday Season? We are here to help.

Unregulated and illicit small scale gold mining is a dangerous and growing threat in the Amazon, and the use of mercury in these activities is toxic and dangerous to flora, fauna, and people. Please make sure any gold you buy is clean and responsibly sourced. To help, we’ve put together a Clean Buyer’s Guide.

Starting this Black Friday we’re partnering with Reflective Jewelry, the only #FairtradeGold jeweler in the United States. Black Friday through Giving Tuesday, Reflective Jewelry will be donating 25% of each purchase to the Amazon Aid Foundation – when you use the code AAF.

Want to give directly to help save the rainforest and protect our planet? Consider donating to support the efforts of Amazon Aid.

Thank you and Happy Holidays,

The Amazon Aid Team