River of Gold

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Amazon Aid Foundation’s documentary River of Gold sounds the alarm about a dire threat to the Amazon rainforest threatening to push it to a tipping point: illicit gold mining.

Narrated by Academy Award winners Sissy Spacek and Herbie Hancock, River of Gold is the harrowing account of a clandestine journey to uncover the savage unraveling of pristine jungle by illicit small-scale gold mining. Ron Haviv and Donovan Webster, two war journalists, led by Enrique Ortiz, a Peruvian scientist and activist, expose mining’s unthinkable, apocalyptic destruction and its global consequences.

I often describe nature as being the place where I find the greatest comfort, which is why I was compelled to help voice this document of the rainforest’s destruction. I hope that when people see the film they find it in their hearts to help save this wondrous place.

- Sissy Spacek

We are citizens of the world, and if we want to create change we need to be open to the experiences of others and our ultimate interconnectedness. Films, like music, allow us to build empathy and understanding. From there, we can work together to reimagine our future.

- Herbie Hancock

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