Sarah duPont will participate in a panel discussion with experts on topics concerning responsible jewelry metals and gems sourcing after a screening of Amazon Aid’s documentary about illicit and unregulated gold mining and related deforestation, mercury contamination and  poisoning, at the The Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference.

With increasing concern about the negative impact on the environment and indigenous people from mining activities globally, and consumer awareness rising about the prevalence questionable supply chains for many luxury goods, including popular and prized jewelry metals and gems, many professionals in the jewelry industry want more than ever to learn more about being able to prove and certify their product lines as ‘responsibly sourced.’

Post-screening panelists will include: Sarah DuPont
Co-Founder CIAMO, Founder Amazon Aid Foundation; Nigel Pitman, Senior Conservation Ecologist, Chicago Field Museum; Susan Keane, Senior Director Natural, Resources Defense Council

For more info on the conference: https://www.chiresponsiblejewelryconference.com/

To register for the conference, River of Gold screening and reception after: https://www.chiresponsiblejewelryconference.com/register.html

Excerpts from ChiRJC website:

Creating a sustainable future
The Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference engages all people in the jewelry industry, educators, and students. The conference will cover the concepts of responsible and sustainable jewelry, including specific ways that individuals and companies can be involved in the responsible jewelry movement. Insights from leaders in the global jewelry industry will demonstrate positive effects on emerging economies that are unique to the jewelry industry.

Our mission is to Lead jewelers and consumers in becoming informed activists for responsible mining, sustainable economic development and verified, ethical sources of materials used in making jewelry. We envision a sustainable future with jewelry and makers contributing to the well being of the earth, its peoples, and cultures.
Our team carries out its mission by working directly with jewelers and metalsmiths (student, professional and hobbyist) to raise awareness of material sourcing issues and harmful studio / manufacturing practices that the profession currently relies on. By raising awareness, evaluating and developing alternatives, and offering opportunities for individual advocacy, jewelers and consumers are part of a growing movement to transform the mining and jewelry industries. We collaborate with other organizations and community groups to realize our mission.

Meet, talk and shop with a curated and vetted group of responsible sourcing gem professional. Responsible gems will be available from across the globe for a unique gemstone buying experience in a casual atmosphere.  Learn the story of each and every gem from the leaders in sustainable gemstone sourcing.