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Transpermanent Blue

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Patric Neves Lindström is a Berlin-based freelance artist with Brazilian and Swedish roots. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Patric’s upbringing was shaped by capoeira angola, athletics, urban dance styles, and painting. His journey in the world of arts began with local dance schools, but he soon realized his calling to pursue performing arts professionally.

In California, Patric encountered Christian Rodrigo, whose teachings awakened his interest in physical theatre. His acting career led him to collaborate with notable figures such as Pernilla August, Mikkel Nørgaard, and Jeanette Nordahl. Patric’s dance training took him to various corners of the world, including the Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School, and Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. During his studies, he received a scholarship from San Diego Dance Theater and showcased his talents as a guest performer in Southern California and Mexico.

In 2018, Patric made Berlin his home as he joined the Sita Ostheimer Company. He continued to expand his artistic horizons as an artist-in-residence at “Site Stockholm” and collaborated with dance companies in Greece and Belgium. Patric’s artistic journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to pursuing, seeking, and inspiring change in the world through the power of performing arts.

Transpermanent Blue
Transpermanent Blue
Transpermanent Blue
Transpermanent Blue

I am a third culture kid, born in Copenhagen, Denmark, while being of Brazilian and Swedish heritage, both my homes are in serious treat of the effects of climate changes in the world. Denmark facing rising sea levels, yet the worst is Brazil battling serious threats to its Amazonian rainforests.

I have just graduated not long time ago with a B.A. in dance. I often questioned why became an artist at a time when it seems what is most needed is helping hands, in so many parts of the world! This reflection took me to the bone of what I aim my art to be. What I want to express and how urgent this matter is. I haven’t even found a place to call home yet, because I moved so much in my life. Meanwhile, we’re destroying this planet, our home, before I even got to find one. 

I trust in the arts, I am in love with dance, and I believe we can change or at least invite our audiences to reflect and maybe do enough to make them contribute or seek more information themselves. The Amazon is an important place to start as it’s a well-known natural habitat that almost all people globally can identify and have a direct relation to. It helps to start a conversation with people who are not seeking information themselves. Going on stage with a message, or writing concepts and bringing awareness to the Amazon through my work has been a difficult fight even sometimes within the creative working group, or with single individuals who weren’t familiar with the topic. 

This led me to this next step of really making a statement bridging my expression and working with the organisation that connects us together so we stand stronger. 

Pursuing, seeking, and hoping for change in this world through the contribution of performing arts. 

Transpermanent Blue

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