oskar metsavaht



As a Brazilian, I have had a relationship with the Amazon since a young age,  but it was on an expedition in 1994 that I first understood and connected to its cultural and spiritual energy. 
My admiration for its rich biodiversity and ancestral knowledge, in contrast with the destruction of forests and rivers by the  fires, mining and logging industries, together with the neglect of indigenous culture and their land rights has inspired me to become an Amazon Guardian.
There is no way that you come back from the Amazon and not become an activist

About Oskar Metsavaht

Academic degree in medicine. Environmental activist. Amazon guardian. Oskar‘s work expresses the theme of preserving the forest, water and the empowerment and protection of the peoples of the forest, as an artist, designer and activist. His constant need for experimentation and a lifestyle in touch with the city, nature and the arts are the main sources of inspiration of his creative process.

Creative Director of OM.art studio, where he hosts his art studio, an exhibition space and the studio for the development and production of art projects. Founder and Creative Director of the Brazilian brand Osklen, recognized as one of the forerunners of the New Luxury concept that strives for the fusion between ethics and aesthetics and advocates conscious fashion through the adoption of sustainable practices. Founder and President of Instituto-e, a non-governmental organization that acts as a hub to promote more sustainable human development through socio-environmental projects. Board member of Inhotim Institute – Contemporary Art Museum, Minas Gerais. Board member of MAM – Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro. UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for culture of peace and sustainability.

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