The Amazon matters to me because, as we all know it, everything is interconnected. We cannot solely focus on one aspect of climate change in the hopes of solving the global crisis. Losing 30% of the Amazon does not just impact this region or those living in it – It impacts (or sooner or later, will impact) everyone on the planet. We have to stop taking this rich and abundant land for granted and think about our individual way of fighting for this pressing cause (be it through art, music, protests, spreading the word, donations…)

About fuchsia

This project is an insight into the world fuchsia, full of colour and enquiries on life. she aims to evoke serious earthly matters in playful and slightly mystical ways, with a tinge of humour.
Growing up in hong kong, delhi, and the UK has provided fuchsia with a baggage of experiences, colour palettes, curiosities, but most of all, a strong desire for self-expression, both through the mediums of art and music.
After having completed both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the UK, fuchsia was struck by an urge to encounter her imaginative side and has spent these last few years slowly unveiling these creative layers. she shares her views on love, spirituality, society, politics and the environment in her music (a blend of soul/jazz/rnb) as well as in her visual artwork.
fuchsia is currently focused on developing two principal themes in her work: those of social injustice and climate change. she regards minimal wastage in her work as a real priority, re-using paints and paper where she can, as well as sizeable pieces of cardboard for larger pieces. she has also just started releasing singles as part of her first EP.’

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