Miguel Pinheiro


Artists Bio

Miguel Pinheiro is a former scientist, and an awarded Portuguese filmmaker, photographer and writer. His Production Company is located at the Amazon Rainforest, in Brazil, combining creative and managing skills, with inner knowledge of the territory.

Miguel’s works and multimedia articles – with a focus on environment, livelihoods, land conflicts, forest’s economy and cultural diversity – have been published and broadcasted in several outlets in Europe, Africa, and the Americas. As an expert creator of multimedia initiatives, Miguel’s finesse and creativity in using entertainment as a tool for social change is powerful.

As a photographer his work has been shown in solo and collective exhibitions, in Portugal and Brazil, and in several publication online. Miguel has also played as a professional actor in TV, Theatre and Cinema, in three different continents.

Transpermanent Blue


For native communities, language and land are intertwined. In the Amazon, where cities float, dolphins speak, and plants are spirits, many voices ain’t heard, many more voices ain’t understood either. This is an invisible land, remote to the outside eyes, and yet it contains in itself all the dreams of the world.

With these diverse and vibrant cultures in peril of disappearing, it’s crucial that native communities’ role in protecting and stewarding the Earth’s biodiversity and its natural treasures continues unabated. The key to the forest’s biodiversity is the human biocultural diversity that makes up that very forest.

Maybe art doesn’t imitate life. Maybe art doesn’t rhyme with life. Maybe art is nothing but a way to be aware of life.

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