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390 Billion Trees. 1,000 Liters of water daily by adult trees. 20 billion tons of water transpired every day by the entire rainforest.
As you read this, the Amazon is pulsing. It is actively giving to millions of people throughout South America without asking anything in return other than taking care of it.​

About Matthew Abeler

Matt is a small-town country boy from Minnesota, USA. He attends church in the great outdoors. Meets regularly with his therapists, the snapping turtles, who always listen well and never gossip about his latest shortcomings. Staring at one firefly can lead to infinite questions, his greatest accomplishment is never being bored.

Matt founded an independent video channel, Into the Unknown, which has dragged him across the planet. From the rainforests of South America to the coral reefs in Central America his goal is to film and share the hard work of scientists and communities helping to protect wildlife. With every snake he picks up along the way, he dares to think about one day becoming a real biologist.

After a hard day of filming, editing, or composing music, Matt likes to play the piano and sing for his mom. Maybe go out kayaking and fishing with his Dad. They don’t always have to talk, they can just be still. Every adventure finds meaning only when there is someone to celebrate it with. Family will always be his most cherished treasure.

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