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“Ever since I was a little kid I felt a strong connection to the jungle. As a kid and a teenager I went several times, even to do an editorial photoshoot with Ecuador’s most known photographer at the time. As an adult I became interested in the exploration of the amazon and had transformative experiences.

“Actually I find vital to protect the amazon from deforestation and also protecting its protectors. Giving them control over their lands, respecting native indigenous communities, their core values and their cosmovision. I believe the amazon holds knowledge that could help us solve modern problems with ancestral wisdom.

“I’m also a founding member of Emergencia Amazonia a Blog that focuses on delivering news in English and Spanish. We are working on developing the podcast to reach even more people, and also offer resources related to the amazon to artists and creators.”

About Luciana Grassi

Luciana Grassi is an actor and activist as well as a producer, communicator, performer, speaker, spiritual enthusiast, writer and crafter. She finds purpose in helping people find their authentic voice and elevate it through reflection, art and creativity. She provides art therapy and creates unique and transformative experiences, in person and also online.

Her monologue and movement called AUYO provides education on the menstrual cycle and Luciana is developing an animated series based on one of her characters called La Elfa Galactica.

Luciana is also a founding member of Emergencia Amazonía, a bilingual movement that provides news about the crisis on all regional amazonia, in English and Spanish.

Luciana Grassi
Photo provided by Pablo Corral Vega @pablocorralvega
Luciana Grassi
Photo provided by Christian Barragan @shotwalk_ec
Luciana Grassi

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