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During Labverde residency, I realized, by being inside this huge forest, the strength, the life and the power that comes from it. But also, thanks to the conferences and the discussions with the other participant of the program (scientists and artists), I realize that this richness is actually very fragile and threaten by human activities, and our way of life on the other side of the planet. Biologist, dendrochronologist, ornithologist, naturalist, historien, inhabitants; they all teach me about the Amazon Rainforest, they all tried to explain why they are worry about it. The amazon matters to me, as it should matters to everyone on earth, because we’re all part of the same planet, and inside the same climate cycles. As I had the chance to experience it, and to realize the richness of the biome, the climate and the beauty of it; now I feel it’s my turn to try to sensibilise people as I can. 

About Laurane Le Goff

Laurane Le Goff is a costume maker, textile artist and environmental activist. She is 23 and currently lives in Lyon, France.

Laurane works for different associations in Lyon like Alternatiba AND COP21 or Youth For Climate. Her work connects costume, science, textile, history and observation. Her interests in current issue comes from an awareness, rise by travels, researches, volunteering or talks, that we can feel through her artistic work.

Laurane is passionate about biology and uses her scientific curiosity in her artistic work. Observations of fungi, lichens or bacterias are ressources of her works. She links microscopic and macroscopic scales of vision to reconnect with our complete environment. She works with textile: a medium that permits her to question today’s industrial fabrication process, and in the same time, propose a handmade work to make people ask themself about the origines of what they use.

Laurane participated in August 2018 at Labverde : an art immersion program in the Amazon Rainforest. 

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