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In my view, the Amazon is crucial for every human and also planetary survival – it matters for all coming generations!
The Western world (or Capitalism more accurately) is not only depriving the planet of resources, but It has also created a modern mind which suffers from an abundance of material artifacts and hollow promises. The Amazon is in my readings and understanding, not only the habitat for apparent symbiosis, complexity and working biodiversity (from which human science has so much yet to learn), It is also a place that through its people and customs holds valuable cultural traditions.

About Jens Ekbom

I am Jens Ekbom, a digital artist. I have a background in theatre and screenplay. I started to produce music when I was 17 years old, writing scores for political dance groups, brands and my own releases. Projects over the years include produced material (video, music, social media, photography, copy) for friends such as Greenpeace, Blauba Dance company, Oatly, NHS among others.

I have a degree in media & advertising and has been rewarded with two scholarships for my creative work. During my studies in London, it became clear to me that I really love working with creative communication but I also realized that I do not want to support bad actors and companies with my work. (In my student portfolio, The KFC Campaign for instance – the artwork I am proud of, but their use of resources I cannot stand behind). I want my work and ideas to point towards a healthy future, an awakening towards our dependency on nature.

My goal is to find ways to channel my work through these values, instead of selling toothpaste and toxic one-time consumer goods.
My dream is to one day travel to the Amazon to experience, research and bringing back stories to my part of the world and network. Being apart of Artist for the Amazon would be an honour and a motivation to create more work from home.

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