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herbert quinteros



I live in the Amazon, it’s my home and my mother. We need to all we can to protect the environment and the indigenous tribes

About Herbert Quinteros

“… with the voice of a grand-father and of a child I express the ikaros (traditional medicine songs) and medicinal melodies as they manifest themselves to guide us and to bring us centered in our personal work- to the inside and to the outside- perfectly alined with the universe… each one can heal wounds and drink of the universal wisdom which is talking to us with love vibrations”

Herbert Quinteros Flores was born in the city of Tarapoto, Perú. He started his path and his vocation as a healer 15 years ago. He’s been studying about the teacher plants with Amazonian indigenous tribes masters of Shipibo, Cocama, Asháninca as well as Quechua Mestizo ethnies. based on the traditional rituals. Herbert uses the Andean flute called “quena”, the panflute (zamponia) made of feathers of the condor, the Andean guitar “charango”, the guitar and drums to accompany his healing work.. This lead him to discover the power of music and expression., “Music being key to unlock the path of inner connection and healing and a way to express the heart, soul and body;. unity forms with use of traditional music”.

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