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Why is the Earth’s heart burning?

The Amazon is a vital carbon deposit for the planet, which slows the pace of global warming and is home to approximately 3 million species of plants and animals and 1 million indigenous people. Climate scientists argue that without the rainforest’s billions of trees, the rise in global temperatures will accelerate exponentially over the next few years.

“The extent of the destruction in the Amazon rainforest is difficult to understand,” said David Shukman, a science expert for the British BBC network. Deforestation is being implemented “to create fields for grazing cattle and growing soy, great profits for Brazil”.
Is this reason enough for the rest of the world to die?

About Eric van Aro

Eric van Aro: a jazz voice of truly exceptional color and creativity!
“Don Heckman, The International Review of Music, Los Angeles”

Singer, songwriter and producer Eric van Aro is a highly notable European talent who has carved out quite a niche’ for himself in the jazz vocal genre and has experimented successfully with a deluge of other artistic and musical genres.
With 5 solo albums under his belt, 2 of which (“Obsession” and” Endless Roads”) were in consideration for various Grammy nominations, 2 Albums with THE EGH PROJECT (both of whom made it to the top 10 worldwide EDM charts) and the 2020 “Chronicles of a Fourth” Open Relationship Blues Album, Eric van Aro successfully continues to surprise audiences with consummate musical versatility.

Concerts in the USA with pianist Josh Nelson (Natalie Cole/Peter Erskine) singer Sara Gazarek (Kurt Elling/Jan Monheit ) as well as singer and woodwinds player Don Shelton (Singers Unlimited/HiLows) are some of what Eric considers highlights of his career. Other highlights include recording with such greats as Franco Ambrosetti, Bruno de Filippi, Sheri Pedigo,Luca Zamponi and the legendary Caterina Valente, who just happens to be his mother.

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