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CIAMO is the International Center of Art and Music of Ouidah, located in the historic city of Ouidah in southern Benin in West Africa. It is a project of the Art Force Africa Association directed by Sarah Dupont Founder and President of Amazon Aid Foundation and  Gigi Hancock.  CIAMO  was founded in 2010 and is a project to strengthen the national program of Benin in the field of Artistic Education (EA).

 It is an institution for research and development of programs dedicated to improving the quality of arts education to better impact Beninese schoolchildren and young people in a education. The Center has two main missions, artistic education and environmental education. CIAMO trains teachers and educates children on the importance of raising awareness on climate change through the tools of music and visual arts. It works to strengthen the artistic capacity of Beninese and African cultural sectors. The center welcomes volunteers, volunteers and artists in residence for master classes.

In March 2022 CIAMO launched “CIAMO for the Climate” awareness campaign on the challenges of climate change,  which presents the causes, consequences and solutions of global warming. This began with a travelling exhibition of 30 photos in 10 colleges across 10 municipalities in southern Benin. The aim of this exhibition is to  informing and inspire young student  in the fight for climate and nature.

CIAMO would like to join forces with the Amazon to help spread awareness of the cultural and environmental issues in the Amazon Rainforest and for CIAMO to be a relay of this work to African youth, particularly that of Benin.

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