anna wilkie


Tomoko Abe
Transparent White
Transpermanent Blue


By recognizing the profound beauty of nature and our connection to it, we can cultivate a deeper appreciation and understanding of our environment. I think if every artist asked questions such as: “How does my craft impact the world”? and “How can my art help the world”? We would all, in every industry, inevitably experience a significant change.


About Anna

Anna Wilkie’s artwork studies revolve around capturing the simplistic yet intricate beauty of nature. Through her art, she seeks to highlight the delicate details and profound interconnectedness found in the natural world. Anna’s work serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and nurturing our environment for future generations.

With a deep appreciation for the Earth’s wonders, she delves into the ways we can contribute to the preservation of our planet and encourages viewers to consider their role in creating a sustainable future. Her art represents the beauty in each short period of time an individual shares on Earth, and how crucial it is to realize the non-permanent nature of life. Art outlives all of us, and as morbid as that concept may sound, she aims to celebrate the collective need to do most with perpetual catalysts and time capsules for environmental awareness. Artworks by Anna achieve this through enjoyable Acrylic flora and fauna visuals and stunning geometric gemstone details.

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