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annie wilkie


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About Anna Wilkie

Self-taught artist born and based out of Treaty 7, Mohkínstsis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Indulges in the visual studies of geometrics, gemstones, and the fine jewellery arts through various digital and traditional mediums; from gouache to digital renders.

Before beginning my jewelry design studies at GIA I was moved, mostly by the direct impact the jewellery supply chain has on the environment and how it continues to influence the current state of the world. Personally, this begun a long journey of research, connecting, and realising that the calls of action to create real change for the environment are not only overdue – but undermined. The impact that precious metal and gemstone mining has had on the amazon previously is more negative than positive. The conservation of amazon matters to me deeply, not only as an industry member who has the chance to directly support change, but as a human who is lucky enough to encourage myself & others to do the same.

The earth is but one country, and Mankind its citizens.

Art in application to design has been a way to explore my art in a more meaningful sense, forcing me as an artist to work on the tiniest details while considering the bigger picture of comprehensive manufacturing. Designing jewellery ethically has encouraged me to consider the most positive process to bring designs to life in a way that is impactful and intentional. When painting gemstones and designing jewellery, I am able to spend my time thinking for the planet. How the gemstone will get here, how healthy are the hands that will mine the gold to make the ring; the overall impact my art will have on humanity – these are things every artist should consider while creating if possible. Creating art for the amazon would encourage me everyday to continue making art for the collective good, and add an impactful layer of intention behind every piece. As an artist for Amazon Aid, I am able to constantly uphold necessary expectations for environmentally-motivated change and encourage those around me to as I continue a career as an ethical artist and designer.

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