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Ah, the Amazon: a childhood dream! Only in my fifties I finally had a chance to visit and see the Great River and the rainforest, experience its astonishing bio-diversity and “feel” the importance of this place.

So much beauty! And yet we are destroying it! Logging, deforestation, fires, the poisoning of the rivers…
I can’t help thinking of the Avatar movie and quoting Jake Sully praying to Eywa at the Tree of Souls: “If Grace is there with you – look in her memories – she can show you the world we come from. There’s no green there. They killed their Mother…”

We can’t afford this to happen for real! We are at a time when the rainforest needs all our help to preserve it and protect it, for its animals and plants, for all the indigenous people who call it home, and for our own sake and the very future of our planet.

“Every creature, every plant, the wind and the rain: all are connected in our jungle!” Old Boris teaches the young coatis of the valley in Rusty Coati story.

Close or far away, we are all connected to that delicate balance, and depend on it. What happens in one part of the world affects the whole world and affects us all.

About Aldo Galli

Aldo Galli was born in Lombardy, Italy, in 1966.

Since a young age, walking with grandpa’ in the woods along the stream in the valley near their village, Aldo learned to love nature and all its wonders. And always loved drawing and painting. These interests have strongly influenced his choices in life: he pursued a scientific education―graduating in Agricultural Sciences in 1992―and took up courses to learn how to paint with oils in wet on wet.

As an author/illustrator, he can now combine his passions together and craft meaningful stories that can make a difference―from championing the natural world to promoting great values, and learning having fun.
In 2012, Galli travelled to the Peruvian Amazon, studying native wildlife and plants, to find the inspiration for his new book, Rusty Coati: In Search of the Great River―the first of a planned series. With dozens of detailed and colorful illustrations based on his experience, Galli wants to transport the readers into Rusty’s world, making it theirs as they see it through the character’s eyes. Additional facts about the Amazon jungle and its inhabitants offer a great educational tool to inspire and fascinate children. Through his story, Galli seeks to raise awareness about the Amazon, and the future of our planet.

Aldo Galli made his debut in the publishing world after a close collaboration with author Richard Adams, as illustrator of the 40th anniversary edition of Watership Down―the bestselling novel about a bunch of rabbits looking for a new home to escape the destruction of their warren―first published in 2012 in the US by Simon & Schuster, and followed by many more illustrated editions in different languages around the world.

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