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The Amazon is one of the most important parts of our world. It provides so much clean air, and is such a rich ecosystem of life that contributes more to our planet than most of us ever realize.

About Precious Perez

Precious Perez is a classically trained pop/R&B and latin vocalist/songwriter currently pursuing a double major in music education and vocal performance at Berklee College of Music. Her goal is to make a difference through doing what she loves and showing the world that blind people are as capable as everyone else. She hopes to inspire future generations to pursue their dreams and be successful in the same way that she has, because she knows that anything is possible, and giving up is never an option. As an artivist and music educator, she will be able to make a difference by using her reach as a Puerto Rican Spanish speaker to crush stereotypes by sharing her experiences across cultures and doing what has not been done while advocating for all of the communities she represents. She is confident that she can lead, she can achieve, and she can be the one who alters the way people see

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