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When I plan a documentary I tend to gravitate towards the connection and impact between two different worlds and cultures. I’m interested in stories that explore themes like traveling, art and anthropology, that focus on the “human” side of us all which, nowadays, tends to be put aside. I decided to participate in Artists for the Amazon because I’d like to tell the stories of who depends on its survival. I want to use my skills to show that the Amazon forest is a living organism. To document the hardships and the costumes of those who are threatened by the destruction of their home and culture. To help create an actual proof of the terrifying human rights violation they are experiencing.


About Philos Belliti

Philos is a performer, songwriter and documentarist from Milan. 

After studying acting and music as a teenager, he travels around Europe and Asia, where he develops an interest in  photography, and documentary filmmaking. Combined with his other lifelong love, music, he manages to turn his passion into his profession.

While continuously looking for new meaningful projects to work on, his journey as a filmmaker allowed him to collaborate with various nonprofits organizations in different parts of the world and to create documentaries that explore topics such as anthropology, travel, conservation and the arts.

In 2019, he becomes involved with projects whose primary goal is to work side by side with indigenous peoples around the world, especially in the Amazon. This leads him to write the song Pachamama, dedicated to the struggle for survival of indigenous communities in South America.

Music by Philos Belliti

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