We as humans often think and act as if we are alone on this planet. We are not. There are countless different species of animals and plants blessing this planet with their existence. A lot of them are found in the Amazon. And we depend on them. We cannot afford to let the Amazon be destroyed. We also need to make sure the native people living there can live their life the way they want to, get support and are protected. Of course there are challenges that must be tackled: for example people in the region need to be offered alternative solutions to making a living if them having an income means destroying parts of the rainforest. There are many people that dedicate their whole lives for bettering the situation for everybody involved and we need to make sure they can keep doing their important work. We got to protect those that need protection – to save ourselves in the end. So if you do not care about other lifeforms – here is the reason why also you should care. Much love 

About LMNZ

LMNZ is a professional independent artist since 2010.

He produces instrumentals, writes lyrics, composes, arranges music, raps, mixes, masters and records songs and simply loves music!

Furthermore, he shoots and edits videos and has given over 700 rap-, band-, video- & educational workshops in the last 5 years dealing mostly with all sorts of discrimination and group-focused enmity.

He studied Sound Engineering (Bachelor of Recording Arts) and lives in Berlin, Neukölln.

His mission is to inspire people with his art, thoughts or being, fight for justice, make people believe in themselves, shine his light and spread love.

‘I make authentic, life-affirming, sociocritical, independently produced music for open-minded and socially conscious people.’

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