Amazon Aid Foundation has teamed with Caremob, an innovative online fundraising platform (patent-pending) that “unlocks” donations from corporate donors to charities as website visitors view videos.  Additionally, those who sign in and view videos to unlock donations can build Care points, redeem points for rewards that are good for the you AND good for the world.

Caremob, developed by a team of world class technology entrepreneurs, activists and celebrities, seeks to reinvent corporate philanthropy with: values, innovation, passion.

Caremob is using proprietary technology, world class storytelling and social media marketing, so that individuals can easily make a difference, corporate donors can support the causes they are passionate about in a highly effective manner, and charities can spend less time fundraising and more time making an impact.

To unlock a donation for Amazon Aid’s Acre Care rainforest preservation donation platform (learn more at https://amazonaid.org/take-action/acre-care/) from Pachamama People, a Shamanic Marketplace & Community with its roots in the heart of the endangered Amazon,


Be sure to sign in to build Care points and be eligible for rewards,
and share the campaign with social media buttons on the AAF/Pachamama People campaign page
  1. watch – Unlock donations from corporate donors to charities as you view videos.
  2. do good – Help charities unlock additional donations by signing in and sharing the campaigns through social media, email, txt, etc. The more friends you get to view, the more Care Points you will earn.
  3. redeem  – Use your Care Points to redeem rewards from Caremob that are good for you and good for the world.
See excerpts from the Caremob campaign Facebook Posts on Amazon Aid’s Facebook page:

WE NEED YOU to help us unlock a donation from Pachamama People to the Amazon Aid Foundation by simply watching this one minute video below.

The donation you will be unlocking will enable us to save 5 trees in The Amazon Rainforest.

Keeping the trees in the Amazon rainforest standing is the most important thing you can do to keep crucial hydrological cycles working to provide climate moderation on the global scale, and continue to supply the very oxygen we all breathe.

To ensure that Pachamama People and the Amazon Aid Foundation reach the goal of saving 12,500 trees, please share this campaign with your friend!

– Amazon Aid Foundation