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The Amazon is important for all mankind because the temperature balance and the quality of life on the planet, in addition to the people who live there.

About Kathyla Katheryne Valverde​

With a striking footprint a stylish goove, and an eclectic acting Kathyla, played with a number of prominent artists in the participation of the latest formation of “Maracatamba”, a group that accompanied Barrosinho (José Carlos Barroso), one of the best trumpeters in Brazil and former founding member (Together with Oberdan Magalhães) of the legendary Black Rio Band.

Musician active in Rio de Janeiro nights, has accompanied and gave soup with various artists. Adil Tiscati, Carlos Dafe, Mauricio Miranda (Batacotô), Paulinho Heman (Rita Ribeiro), Lollipop (Djavan), Rejane Luna, Silvio Barbosa (Trombone), João de Aquino, Teo Lima (Ivan Lins & Batacotô) Jane Duboc, Jane Di Castro, Pr Francisco Ribeiro, Marcos Kinder, Biafra among others, having recorded with some of these artists. Kathyla Katheryne has also served as a production assistant for several artists. Highlighting: Adriano Giffoni, Roberto Menescal, Wanda Sá (Bossa Nova in Concert) and Carlos Lyra (7 times Bossa Nova / Sambalanco 50 years of Music)

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