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The Amazon and the indigenous peoples have personally featured in my life and various music productions since 1990!
I have witnessed heart breaking devastation in the Mato Grosso with the mono culture of soya.
I tour regularly and one of my productions ‘Into the Amazon’ seeks to further an awareness of the forest and the tribal people’s.

Introducing “Into the Amazon” a current solo cello performance

“Into the Amazon” is an innovative solo cello production inspired and initiated by Emily’s personal experience of living and working with the Xavante, a tribal community in the Amazon of Brazil who have a tradition of singing at the core of their culture.
Through integrating within her solo ‘cello composition her field recordings of both the Xavante songs and recordings from their forest and community environment she successfully takes the audience on a musical adventure into an Amazonian Indian village.
Into the Amazon is the second CD on Emily’s double CD release ‘Out of the Blue & Into the Amazon’ 

About Emily Burridge

Emily Burridge is a virtuoso cellist, whose deft improvisational and composing skills create sublime music, fluidly crossing genres.

Her life in music embraces many aspects of being a professional musician including composer, arranger, producer, and performer with both solo & collaborative productions, session musician – studio and on line.

In the hands of Emily, the cello becomes a voice for her personal experiences, her emotions, and her thoughts as she amalgamates in her productions melodies, rhythms and sounds from her field recordings.

“Fascinating and unique” – The Musician

“Music that is deep, thoughtful and also lifts your spirits”- European Progressive Music
Hailed as a ‘spellbinding innovative performance’.

Indigenous People’s Cultural Support Trust
Registered charity number: 1050461
Indigenous People’s Cultural Support Trust

In 1995 Emily Burridge founded the charity “to aid in the promotion and conservation of Indigenous people’s culture and traditional knowledge” She founded the charity as a direct result of her first visit to a Xavante community in 1994 and on return to the UK she was encouraged under the experienced consul to set up the Trust.

The first development initiative to be completed was the “Marimbu Xavante small Health Centre” and medicinal gardens which were inaugurated in 1998. The development of the health centre and medicinal garden was overseen by Emily on various visits between the years ‘94 – ‘98 working in close consultation with the Xavante indian community and in collaboration with Chief Francisco Pronhopa.
The health centre is still functioning 20 years on….. More recently have aided by helping fund a Xavante camera man with various video productions.

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