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Civil Society and Industry Standing in Solidarity

Join the Amazon Aid Foundation in convening the Clean Gold Network to ensure that when it comes to protecting the Amazon from illicit and unregulated gold mining the right people are working together.

How might we create a responsible and clean supply chain for gold that improves our ability to protect the Amazon and its people now, while embracing the long-term goal of working in the Amazon sustainably and without harm to its living systems?

The Clean Gold Network is engaging civil society, industry and other stakeholders to stand in solidarity and publicly pledge to protect the Amazon. 

Each Network member makes the simple commitment to acknowledge the urgent need for a different, collaborative approach to increase awareness, transparency, and action, to reform and produce sustainable systems for Clean Gold. We know the situation is difficult, but united we can make necessary change. 

Amazon Aid Foundation champions the work of member organizations and upstanders in the field to break through silos to promote a connected solutions-based conversation that leads to action and systemic change. 

Clean Gold Campaign

Solving Problems Together

Take Action

So that…

Deliver a global response to the issue so that we can solve the problem
Protect Human Rights and the Environment so that exploitation ends
Protect Indigenous people so that the Amazon’s environmental defenders are safe from harm
Advocate for policies that improve country level practices so that ecosystems and industry can both thrive
Improve the enforcement of mining regulation so that indigenous people are protected and illegal and illicit activity is not tolerated
Call for the creation of distinct mining zones and/or concessions where mining is permitted so that mining is contained
Support the formalization and legalization of miners so that permitted mining activity can be supported
Eliminate the use of mercury in gold mining so that mercury poisoning is eradicated
Work to identify the best technology so that we can verify that the gold is responsibly mined
Secure the participation of downstream organizations in jewelry, technology, and banking so that the support for the development of and demand for clean gold comes from multiple sources
Build traceability systems for the gold supply chain so that material origins are known