In the Amazon, poverty and gold find each other in artisanal and small-scale gold mining. This reality was documented in Amazon Aid Foundation’s award winning film, “River of Gold,” which shows just how destructive illicit and unregulated gold mining is. While artisanal and small-scale mining can be an important economic opportunity for communities in poverty, it also attracts illicit activities and organized crime, including child slavery and human trafficking, money laundering, narcotic trafficking, and the funding of terrorist activities. This type of gold mining is happening in every country in the Amazon, and in approximately 80 countries worldwide.

The Clean Gold Network

Complex problem-solving requires deep collaboration between stakeholders that may often find themselves at odds with each other rather than collaborating to solve a common challenge. Amazon Aid Foundation is convening the Clean Gold Network to ensure that when it comes to protecting the Amazon from illicit and unregulated gold mining the right people are working together.

How might we create a responsible and clean supply chain for gold that improves our ability to protect the Amazon and its people now, while embracing the long-term goal of working in the Amazon sustainably and without harm to its living systems?

The Clean Gold Network includes and is open to diverse groups and individuals participating in the demand for and development of Clean Gold. Each participant can create and adapt their contributions to the network in ways that acknowledge participants’ capacity and reach.

Clean Gold Campaign