MAY 26, 2022

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2022 Cleaner Gold Network Summit – Break Out Rooms Report

Industry Breakout Room

A deck of slides was shared containing mind map summaries of the previous meeting brainstorming session (Feb. 23, 2022) around creating a “clean gold supplier list”.

Industry Breakout Room

Industry Breakout Room

A discussion followed:

  • These criteria are more for an internal, jewelry-industry focused, discussion before sharing more widely.
  • Sourcing criteria for gold from artisanal and small-scale mines has an issue with scale because of its hyper local nature
  • The minimum requirements brainstormed might be too difficult and unfeasible for some on-the-ground operations.
  • It was mentioned that beyond creating a direct connection between jewelers and miners, it’s imperative to build the supply chain.
  • Additionally, the downstream supply chain needs resources to maintain purchasing capability.

Take action: Contact christina@amazonaid.org if you’d like to be more involved.

Art & Education Breakout Room

With inspiration by two Peruvian artists Robertho Paredes and Henry Ortiz, this breakout session explored how artists can raise awareness about climate change’s impact on the Amazon and ways in which to keep traditions alive through exchange of knowledge and skills.

Please note: The recording begins part way into the breakout room discussion.

Art breakout room
Demonstration of the basket weaving technique with Artist Henry Ortiz and a master craftsman from the native community of Palotoa Teparo- Puerto Maldonado, Peru.

Art breakout room

Robertho Padres directed Anamei (2021) a video myth created with Yesica Patiachi from the Harakbut peoples

We also introduced the Studio Verde AIR 2022 Art & Science residency program in Peru which runs through September 7th- 28th. This programme is run in partnership with Studio Verde AIR, Amazon Aid and ACEER Foundation. Amazon Aid will be sponsoring two Artists that are part of the Artist for the Artists for the Amazon Program to attend. Find out more here. Deadline 1st July 2022.

Art and Education

Advocacy & Policy Breakout Room

The goal of the Policy & Advocacy Working Group is to identify and implement concrete actions the CGN Network can take for a more responsible gold supply chain.

Moderators Charlie Espinosa and Andrea Hill kicked off this inaugural session with presentations covering the basic policy and advocacy landscape with respect to gold. The full presentation can be found here.

A brainstorming session followed in which participants shared what they have tried and possible future actions:

  • Apart from sourcing certified gold, raise awareness and promote responsible sourcing through blogs, events, etc.
  • Shift focus away from on-the-ground efforts (formalization, technology change, etc.) and towards educating buyers in the supply chain.
  • Voluntary industry mechanisms are a good start, but we need mandatory requirements.
  • Obstacle for change: government agencies are siloed in their efforts to improve the ASGM sector (mercury, TCOs, human rights, etc.)
  • How can we connect these agencies and advocate for mandatory initiatives?
  • As the session concluded prematurely, participants expressed a desire to continue sharing over email or a similar platform.

Notes from the brainstorming session can be found here.

Next steps: CGN members are invited to continue contributing ideas to the brainstorming chart over the next few months. During the next Summit, participants can expect to decide on the most promising ideas and begin assigning roles for implementation.

Contact charlie@amazonaid.org to share feedback or join the group.

The Cleaner Gold Network is based on the principles of human rights, science, transparency, support for democratic participation, and respect for the sovereign rights of Amazon region countries over territories and natural resources, including the sustainable use and development of those resources, as recognized by international law.