Awareness and Education is key for understanding & addressing the situation.

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Amazon Aid’s Cleaner Gold Network educates global audiences about the importance of the Amazon and issues related to illicit and unregulated gold mining.

How do we do that?

Amazon Aid harnesses the power of film and multimedia to engage the collective and popular culture as a means of driving policy change, and citizen and industry action on a mass scale. Following in the footsteps of campaigns for films such as ‘Blood Diamond’ and ‘Food Inc.’, Amazon Aid’s River of Gold project can be used as a powerful tool to educate and inspire worldwide audiences.

In collaboration with Cleaner Gold Network, we:

  • Showcase the important work of each organization to further rainforest conservation through events, media, networks, and broader amplification of each other’s work.
  • Access to free screenings of River of Gold for events and policy reform. Use of the film for fundraising must be agreed upon by Amazon Aid in advance.
  • Access to Amazon Aid’s educational support materials, including our curriculum built around River of Gold.
  • Collaborate at key global convenings to share initiatives in both formal and informal settings.
  • Access to Amazon Aid’s diverse community of experts, scientists, artists, industry specialists, technical advisors, environmental defenders, and stakeholders who are working to protect the Amazon.
  • Technical and scientific content sharing.
  • Speaking opportunities and event collaborations.
  • Content sharing on websites and social media platforms of organizations initiatives.
  • Quarterly Network meetings where we present organizations work, and discuss multi- stakeholder solutions.
  • Receive Network updates and ways to engage.