Claudio Parentela Amazon Aid Foundation Artists for the Amazon program is happy to welcome Claudio Parentela, a visual artist whose freedom through art creates biodiversity of color and techniques. We spoke with Claudio about creative inspirations, what makes punk art, and how that can bring environmental awareness to audiences in a bold way.

How did you first become inspired by the Amazon?
I have always been actively involved in environmental struggles and often, very often I have donated my works to environmental associations.

How does the Amazon Rainforest and environmentalism manifest in your work?
In the richness of colors, in the imagination, in the twisted and intersecting lines, in the thousand faces, in the changing shapes, in the thousand shadows, in the biodiversity of techniques and colors.

You seem to have many styles- what inspires you? Do you go through different phases?
I have always loved drawing, painting, and creating since I was a child …. My art has evolved with my life, it has grown with me with the phases of my own life, it is my life …. everything inspires me … the terrible and beautiful world in which I live, the news, the noises, my beloved books, the music I listen to and love … everything.

Claudio Parentela

Do your fine art pieces reveal themselves as you go or do you have a specific concept before you start?
I never know what I will draw or paint no … every time I start everything all happens by magic. I like what I do because I feel free, so everything is natural, free, and joyous. Everything flows freely and naturally from my mind and from my heart –from my heart and my brush.

Do you have any planned pieces about Amazon?
Some yes.

Claudio Parentela

Can you talk a little about your most recent show called Punk Alchemy. Are you influenced by punk music? If so, is there a specific era or band? Or is this more of the idea of punk ideology?
The exhibition ran throughout July in Dunedin, New Zealand at the Screaming Rooster. They were the ones who proposed this title to me for my exhibition and I really liked it. My art is very punk, yes I think, because it is free, chaotic, anarchic like the punk movement but no, I’m not influenced by punk music, I listen to everything, not punk music in particular, though I listened to it when I was a boy.

Claudio Parentela

Since illegal mining is a huge issue in the Amazon, do you see a connection to alchemy and gold mining?
I see no connection between alchemy, which is spiritual research, and gold mining, which is only destruction, death, genocide of indigenous peoples, animals, trees.

To see more of Claudio’s work please check out Instagram ​​@claudioparentela62