World Rainforest DayOn June 22nd, Amazon Aid Foundation will join over 70 global organizations and individuals to celebrate the 4th annual World Rainforest Day, hosted and produced by Rainforest Partnership. A special livestream event on June 22nd will feature performances and educational programming including Amazon Aid Foundation’s Anthem For The Amazon and our River of Gold Trailer.

Viewers can tune in to https://worldrainforestday.org/ to watch the program and learn more about how to help rainforests around the world. 

Rainforests are vital for the survival of life on Earth. Rainforests absorb our carbon dioxide, stabilize climate patterns, and are home to half the world’s plant and animal species. Unfortunately, our world’s rainforests are being deforested and exploited at an alarming rate. There are many things you can do to help, at any age.

Learn more about ways that you can help protect the Amazon by joining Amazon Aid Youth Activists or Artists for The Amazon or becoming an Amazon Aid Ambassador