Julia’s Journal

Biodiversity in the Amazon: Madre de Dios

Photos by Dano Grayson Painting by Julia Loman 2015 [1] Mora C. et al. (2011) How Many Species Are There on Earth and in the Ocean? PLoS Biol 9(8): e1001127. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1001127...

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Mining for Gold in the Amazon

Artist Natalie Jeremijenko, who visited the University of Virginia this spring, posed a question to a group of us during the course Environmental Art Activism: do you have anything on your person for which you can describe the origins of all the materials, and the...

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Deforestation in the Amazon

Welcome to Julia’s Amazon Journal! I’m Julia, an artist and a scientist. Recently, I’ve been researching the Amazon Rainforest and the challenges it’s currently facing due to climate change, deforestation, and other harmful activities like gold mining. Before getting...

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