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Become an Amazon Warrior

Unsure how you can protect the Amazon rainforest? Amazon Aid has created a menu of ways in which you can help. Amazon Warriors are dedicated to defending and protecting the Amazon Rainforest by their own actions. Through education, awareness and advocacy, young people...

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Amazon Aid Launches Voices for the Amazon

Amazon Aid Foundation is excited to introduce Voices for the Amazon, an online platform where students can post poems, artwork, videos and mixed media that express the importance of the Amazon Aid rainforest. Voices aggregates all of these posts into a mosaic. Use the...

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Sarah duPont honored by ImpactMania as a Woman of Impact

2017: Sarah duPont, mom of four, educator, filmmaker, and founder of Amazon Aid foundation, was honored last year by Impactmania as a "Woman of Impact." Impactmania is an online platform featuring people and projects that drive cultural, social, and economic impact....

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Amazon Aid attends Vatican conference focusing on Pope Francis’ landmark environmental encyclical Praise Be

Sarah duPont of Amazon Aid Foundation attended the conference observing the anniversary of LAUDATO SI’: ON CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME in early July. This follows a visit Sarah made to the Vatican in February 2018 to screen Amazon Aid’s documentary River of Gold for a group of the Pope’s environmental advisors. The film focuses on illegal gold mining in Peru and the environmental consequences for the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous people of the region.

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