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Amazon Rainforest Trees As Sentient Beings

by Sarah duPont  "Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.” ― Kahlil Gibran  The Amazon Rainforests has the largest amassing of trees, holding three times more trees than stars in the Milky Way. There are around 390 billion trees-so many that...

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Amazon Aid Launches Voices for the Amazon

Amazon Aid Foundation is excited to introduce Voices for the Amazon, an online platform where students can post poems, artwork, videos and mixed media that express the importance of the Amazon rainforest. Voices aggregates all of these posts into a mosaic. Use the...

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Become an Amazon Warrior

Unsure how you can protect the Amazon rainforest? Amazon Aid has created a menu of ways in which you can help. Amazon Warriors are dedicated to defending and protecting the Amazon Rainforest by their own actions. Through education, awareness and advocacy, young people...

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