What happens when scientists, educators, and musicians all travel to the Amazon together? Last month, Amazon Aid found out as we traveled to Peru to begin filming for our exciting music video collaboration Anthem for the Amazon. Check out the highlights below!

A beautiful hike in Tambopata, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth.

Boating down the Tambopata River with one of our excellent guides from Rainforest Expeditions.

A clay lick at Tambopata. Clay licks are known as collpas in Peru, meaning “salty earth” in Quechua. The birds gather here to socialize and eat the clay to get minerals like sodium missing from their diets. Hundreds of parrots and parakeets can be seen flying over this area and sitting in the trees above the clay river bank.

Amazon Aid’s Program Manager Heather with a beautiful fig tree.

A stunning shot from filming the opening storyboard of Anthem for the Amazon with the Ese’Eja children.

The Rhythm of the Universe crew with elders of the Ese’Eja indigenous community of Palma Real.

The Rhythm of the Universe crew with elders of the Ese’Eja indigenous community of Palma Real.

Children from a local school in Puerto Maldonado came out to sing and dance in the boulevard for another exciting set of Anthem for the Amazon.

Post-filming jam session.

Minister of the Environment Manuel Pulgar-Vidal discussing Peru’s plan to end illicit and unregulated gold mining in the Amazon. #NoMásMineríaIlegal

Amazon Aid founder Sarah duPont, Minister of the Environment Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, No Planeta B founder Yoca Arditi-Rocha, and US Ambassador to Peru Brian Nichols at the U CLIMATICA higher education climate change conference in Lima. These amazing leaders are standing in the living art project. Each of the 18 spheres represent 1kg of the total CO2 emitted by the average person every day.

The final stop on our trip to Peru was Colegio Franklin D. Roosevelt, the American School in Lima where we planted trees and sang along to the Anthem. The girls knew every word of the song by heart and were beyond excited to be on camera to raise their voices for the rainforest.