Artists for the Amazon Program Guidelines

Here is a menu of ways you can help as an Artist for the Amazon:

1. Learn why you should care

The Amazon helps keep the Earth cool.
The Amazon regulates local and global weather patterns.
The Amazon produces 20% of the world's fresh water.
People live here.
There are more plants and animals in the Amazon than anyplace on the Earth.

2. Post a video

Use your cell phone to raise your voice and post a short video on your social media channels of why you care about the Amazon Rainforest. Don’t forget to tag or mention Amazon Aid and use the hashtag #amazonaid. Click here for tips on how to make videos for social media.

3. What’s your medium?

With the Amazon in mind, share a poem, send a song, produce a short video, share your photography, dance, paint, draw, write a blog, create a sculpture, craft a piece of jewelry from responsibly sourced gold, and more. Don’t forget to tag Amazon Aid and use the hashtag #amazonaid.

4. Follow us

Follow us on social media and repost our information. Amazon Aid’s goal is to empower and educate global audiences about the importance of the Amazon, the implications of its destruction and solutions for protecting it. Help us get the word out. 

5. Start an Indiegogo Fundraiser


Host an art auction or a fundraiser with Amazon Aid as the beneficiary.

6. Sign up for a FREE online screening of “River of Gold”

“River of Gold,” a documentary film by the Amazon Aid Foundation, chronicles a clandestine journey into Peru’s Amazon rainforest to uncover the savage unraveling of pristine jungle by illegal small scale gold mining.

7. Host a screening

Host a screening of “River of Gold” in your community.

8. Walk the talk

Learn how you can be a better consumer. As a consumer, you can directly protect the Amazon by changing the way you shop.

9. Do you know where your gold comes from?

You can protect the Amazon and world forests by purchasing cleanly and responsibly sourced gold products. Did you know that it takes about 250 tons of earth to produce one gold wedding band? And did you know that if the gold in your wedding band was mined illegally, it was likely extracted using mercury, which is a neurotoxin? Illegal small scale gold mining is responsible for devastating deforestation in the Amazon, but it is also the number one source of mercury pollution in the world. This mercury can be found in the fish you eat and in the air you breathe.

10. Donate

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