Artists for the Amazon
Member benefits and Guidelines

Below are the benefits for members of the program and guidelines for how you can help as an Artist for the Amazon, followed by an application. We’re thrilled you want to participate, and we’re excited to continue to bring this program to life!

Artist For the Amazon benefits


  • Annual Professional development workshops/ seminars
  • Quarterly seminar on topics related to the environment with talks led by specialists in the scientific field. 
  • Invitation to participate in Cleaner Gold Network Summit 
  • Opportunities for Open Calls and Residency Programs 
  • Weekly posts on all social media platforms 
  • Monthly Artist Highlight emailed to Amazon Aid subscribers
  • Quarterly newsletter spotlighting Artists Exhibitions and event announcements



Artist Participation

  • Give permission to post their work on our social media platforms 
  • Contribute to the community forum with events related environmental advocacy
  • Create work that is in someway related to the environment/ climate change/ advocacy
  • Inform us of any events, exhibitions, and announcements you want us to promote 
  • Submit work for any AFA online or physical exhibitions call outs.



Beauty and Destruction music by Wayne Shorter

Your Commitment

Commit to changing your consumer behavior

Change starts with you. We’re asking you to commit to changing your consumer behavior, being more mindful of activities that end up hurting our environment. There’s a lot you can do, and we’ve put together a few guides to help.

Join The Gold Campaign
Cleaner Gold Buyer’s Guide
Jeweler’s Toolkit

Be A Better Consumer

Share content quarterly

We’re asking that you commit to sharing Artists for the Amazon content on a quarterly basis, either by sharing your own art or sharing initiatives and content that we develop. We will be putting together quarterly guides/toolkits with specific initiatives and projects that you can share.

In the meantime, please follow us on all social media accounts!

Submit original art to AAF to be shared as part of our Artists for the Amazon campaign.

As part of the program, we will be sharing art by members of Artists for the Amazon on a regular basis. Please submit art related to the Amazon Rainforest so that we can include it in our regular content calendar. There is such incredible talent out there, and we’re excited to share your beautiful work!

You can submit art (video, illustration, dance, photography, etc) by either attaching a file in your application or emailing info@amazonaid.org.