Amazon Aid Foundation is excited to welcome two talented young women to our Artists for the Amazon family: Shea Rose and Julia Loman. Artists for the Amazon is a growing group of creative minds brought together by Amazon Aid to raise awareness about the importance of the Amazon rainforest through art, music and entertainment. Read their bios below to learn about their work and how their talents are helping us educate people around the world.

Shea Rose

Since graduating from Berklee College of Music, emerging artist Shea Rose has been celebrated for her contributions to music, fashion and philanthropy. Hand-picked by legendary musician and actress Queen Latifah for a CoverGirl music campaign and BET Awards appearance, Rose has been described as “that rare artist who can bridge diverse styles such as soul, funk, rock, rap and jazz — and bring her unique stamp to each.”

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Julia Loman

Julia Loman is an artist and scientist from Central Virginia who recently finished an Aunspaugh Fellowship at the University of Virginia Studio Art Department. Currently creating a series of blog posts for Amazon Aid called Julia’s Journal, which combine art and science to help people engage with the Amazon Rainforest and the issues surrounding it through the lens of her own backyard.

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